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Why is this site ?

Ever since i came to know the difference between good and bad, My heart was filled with the fear of condemnation for wrong things . I did not know the 10 Commandments then , but my heart naturally is filled with fear of punishment for all the bad things i do in this world . So now somehow i needed to escape from this fear and when i was growing in a christian family i got a little knowledge about Jesus as a person who forgives my sins .

So i worked out a plan in getting my ticket to heaven. I was of an idealogy that even if i am forgiven for my past and present sins, I cannot stop doing sins after that and i'll end up in failing about my qualification for heaven with the future sins i do. So the master plan what i sketched was that i should ask for forgiveness when i'm in death bed so that i won't/can't sin after that due to my infirmities. Ha ha i was such a fool that i even thought when Jesus returns back there will be some signs before his arrival during which i can ask forgiveness and maintain being holy for the little time before he comes and go to heaven.

This is what is the thought of many in their life.Many people think earning holiness is so difficult that they never want to get committed to God . We think christian life is a difficult life to live.Many people like me think a lot that we have to work a lot inorder to become righteous before God. But the real scenario is not this. Nobody can ever earn righteousness and holiness by his own efforts. Righteousness is a gift from God. God gave his only son Jesus, He was lifted up in the cross for your sins and my sins. He has already taken up the punishment for what ever we did and what ever we will do in future, the work he did in cross stands out of time. If you believe in Jesus about his finished work in cross and then the bible says you are righteous, and then you become holy, and then you can enter in to heaven. You cannot do anything!, No! not anything with your own efforts to become holy and righteous.

I was afraid myself to commit myself to God just because of the fact that i cannot be holy for God. Only this thought stopped me from going church and i thought going church is just a waste of time as i used to sit in church just for the sake of parent's compulsion. Doing such things by going church week after week isn't gonna make me holy, So i stopped going church. But one fineday when Jesus touched my heart my eyes opened, i realised the fact that i am already righteous but the truth is am not aware of that good news , But when that good news came to my heart nobody forced me to church but the holyspirit dragged me to church thrice a week,twice a day and i just started enjoying my Jesus like never before in life.Christian life is a peaceful, victorious and easy life. At this very moment i should be thankful to my dad Jesus for keeping me under a faithful man of God Pastor. Jacob Koshy who always took continuous great efforts in showing me the real Jesus from bible, His preachings and sermons have just transformed me in to a strong person in christ.

Still there are many people out there who struggle a lot to earn their salvation and get a ticket to heaven, but i have a good news friend our Sweetest dad Jesus has paid the price for your sins and he has purchased you. Just believe in the sweetest love of Jesus which he manifested in the cross for you, Just believe in him who bore the penalties for that very sin you did against him, Beleive that Jesus christ paid it all and believe that Jesus Christ took the punishment on your behalf. Believe and enjoy in the sweet Jesus, Your ticket to heaven is confirmed its just so easy to get that. Faithfully believe the loving dad Jesus who sacrificed his life for us and you ll be righteous through him for ever and ever. Finally when you walk and grow in this thought of righteousness through the free Grace of Jesus, You will see yourself changing in a good way which the force and law failed to make you .Love and care of Jesus will give you peace and make you live a good, great and successful life.

And this is the reason why this site is started. We will keep spreading the Sweetness of Jesus and his unconditional love and unmerited favor for you. Love you friend. Walk fearless without any stain of guilt. God be with you. Amen Amen.

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God bless you abundantly friend.