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Hey friend ! Praise be to our Sweet daddy Jesus Christ alone ... These are some of the wonderful works of our God Jesus Christ in the lives of ppl from different parts of the earth ... Testimonies are collected from various websites and also some are shared by our own website visitors ... You can also share how much the Lord Christ has done for you in your life ... If you want to share about Jesus in your life then just click here

Enjoy reading the testimonies .. Enjoy life .. Enjoy Jesus .. God bless .. Amen ..

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1Prodigal SonThe Prodigal Son whom JESUS loves infinitely
2Tracy J. ThurmanHealed of Depression
3SoldierTHY GRACE- Was I not with the heart of “Pharaoh”?
4PramirezHealed of Problems with the Reproductive System
5AndrewHealed from speech impediment
6Myung Hee Byan (Korea)Healed of Severe Disease in the Mouth
7Chang Sung YuBreast Cancer Healed through Fasting and the Power of God
8EricFree at last
9BonnieA Drug Addict Who Could Not Die
10Kim AveryBaby Boy Healed of Cysts in the Brain